TXM RET Cable Products


TXM RET Products

RET stands for “Remote Electrical Tilt”. It is a part of the Antenna Interface Standards Group's (AISG) open specification for the control interface of antennas. 

RET allows you remote access to make antenna position adjustments to achieve improved wireless signal for applications such as WISP and Cellular wireless network providers. 

RET Control Cable Assemblies

TXM’s 6-Conductor Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) / AISG compatible control cable assemblies are terminated with Male and Female DIN connectors. These cable assemblies are available in custom lengths by the foot OR by the meter.

Bulk RET Cable

TXM offers 6-Conductor Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) control cable in bulk quantities. This AISG compatible control cable is available by the foot

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RET 8-pin AISG Connectors

TXM’s AISG type 8-pin male and female connectors are superb quality connectors designed for tough industrial jobs.

Features 8 contacts, DIN connectors with screw coupling. Equivalent to Amphenol C 091 A /B/D & Binder 423 series connectors.

These connectors can be used with 5-conductor, 6-conductor and 8-conductor AISG type cable.