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Bus Bars for Telecom rooms

Bus Bars for Telecom rooms

In a typical Data Center, you will often have many different ground bars in use through out the facility. For example, in the electrical room, you will not only have the green wire low-impedance fault current path required, but you may also have a safety ground system with multiple ground bars used to bond the various metallic objects found within the room (electrical panels, conduit, air handling equipment, fire suppression, doors, gates, fences, etc)

In the computer room, you will have a requirement for a copper ground bar to be installed inside each computer server rack. TXM offers both 19” and 23” bus bars which can be used on 2 post and 4 post racks. For more information on the options of Rack Mount Bus Bars available on our e-store, follow this link below:

There are also additional ground bar (s) mounted on the wall of the server room that will be used to bond all the server rack ground bars together, along with the conduit bonds, air handling equipment bonds, door bonds, UPS power supply, etc. This server room ground bar (s) must in turn be bonded back to the main ground bar in your Telco room, and back to the first service disconnect in the main electrical room. There are typically requirements for dedicated 5-ohm or less grounding electrodes that must be bonded to the server room ground bar (s). TXM offers various sizes of wall mount bus bars for standard, TGB and TMGB series bus bars. TGB bus bars (Telecommunications Grounding Bar Kit) provide a common grounding point within the telecommunications room. The TGB is the attachment point for all telecommunications systems and equipment in a specific telecommunications space. Therefore, each telecommunications space through out the building should have a TGB. These are typically installed on a wall inside the data telecom room, allowing each telecommunications room to provide a common point of connection for systems and equipment bonding to ground. TMGB bus bars(Telecommunications Main Grounding Bar) are used as the foundation of the telecommunications grounding system and serve as an interface between the building's service equipment (power) ground and the telecommunications infrastructure. The TMGB also serves as a central connection point for the telecommunications bonding backbone (TBB) and equipment. There is usually only one TMGB per building.

For more information on the options of Wall Mount Bus Bars available on our e-store, follow this link below:

You may have additional ground bars used for the bonding of the lightning protection system, back-up generator systems, electrical substations, equipment chassis, and many more. All of these ground bars and grounding systems must be bonded to each other in manner that does not cause additional problems with ground loops, resulting in harmonics and electrical interference.

In addition, TXM also offers isolation rack adapter kits, which include the rack adapters along with isolation pads, bushing nylon washers and screws. These can be used for additional ground isolation protection when mounting telecom equipment onto the racks. For more information, follow this link:

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