Corning CCH Pigtailed Splice Cassette, 24 F, Shuttered LC UPC duplex, Single-mode (OS2), single-fiber (250 µm) - CCHCS24AEP00RE

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Corning CCH Pigtailed Splice Cassette, 24 F, LC UPC duplex Shuttered, Single-mode (OS2), single-fiber (250 µm) - CCHCS24AEP00RE  

The CCH splice cassette (CCH-CS) is loaded with a CCH panel and factory-terminated pigtails. Available with ribbon or single-fiber splicing configurations, the cassette includes appropriate number and type of heat-shrinks and protective tubing depending on fiber count and cable type. 

24 Fibers

LC/UPC Shuttered

Single Mode OS2

CCH footprint (to be used in Corning CCH, WCH and PCH chassis’s)

Single-fiber Splicing 

Features And Benefits 

  • Manage cable slack for a CCH panel in a modular footprint
    Fast, easy and reliable initial routing, and quick, simple reaccess for moves, adds and changes (MACs)
  • Includes everything needed to convert a CCH housing for modular routing and/or splicing
    Easy ordering and field installation
  • Modular splice capability
    Manage all splices inside the housing
  • 900 µm jacket at the connector panel
    Added fiber protection at the connector
  • Colored 250 µm at splice point
    Easy to identify and prep colored 250 µm for fast and easy splicing
  • Pre-prepped splice cassette
    Saves time in the field with a ready to splice product
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