Clean fiber optic components are extremely important for a quality connection between your network products. As network providers improve their infrastructure to handle deployment of 40G and 100G systems, techs must pay even closer attention to their fiber optic performance in order to make sure all data is transmitting quickly and without failure.

Contaminated fiber connectors can often lead to network failures and limited insertion loss. For example, if a connector is dirty, even a small 1µ contaminant can degrade the signal by 1%, resulting in 0.05dB of insertion loss.

A larger 8µ speck of dust which is still invisible to our sight, can completely block the signal.

Dust is not the only culprit for attenuation loss on a fiber connector. Airborne contaminants, oils from our hands, and residue left by water and other solvents are also common contaminants on fiber connectors.

Not only are these contaminants more difficult to remove from the fiber connector, they also can cause damage to your networking equipment.

This can all be prevented, by using TXM’s Fiber Optic Cleaning Products. Our products will help you remove dust and contaminants so you can keep your fiber connections clean for optimal performance. TXM offers the following cleaning products:

  • One Click Fiber Cleaner Pens
  • Cassette Cleaners
  • Swab Sticks

  • Be sure to visit our Fiber Solutions page for all your fiber cleaning needs